Bob Black

Robert “Bob” Black, Plat Book Clerk

Hi, my name is Bob Black.  I work in the Auditor’s Office as the Plat Book Clerk.  I am the 4thgreat grandson of James Thomas Black, one of the founding fathers of Mt. Vernon (after whom Black Township was named).  I was born in Mt. Vernon in 1944 and still live in Mt. Vernon with my wife of 52 years, Janice Black.

Come see me for help if you need something from our plat books!   I enter and record documents into the County Plat Books (transfers of ownership, surveys, forest reserves and State right-of-way’s.)  I draw subdivisions and any changes in various parcels that may occur.  I confirm the accuracy of parcel changes by drawing on recorded legal descriptions and information from the GIS program when necessary.  I have worked in the Auditor’s Office since 2006.