Clerk’s Office

Posey County Clerk’s Office
300 Main Street
Mt. Vernon, IN 47620

Telephone : (812) 838-1306

Hours : 
Monday – Friday 8:00am to 4:00pm

Current Clerk : 

Kay Kilgore

Circuit Court Clerk
300 Main St., Room 115
Mt. Vernon, IN 47620

Superior Court Clerk
126 E. Third St., Room 133
Mt. Vernon, IN 47620

From the 2007 Guide to Indiana County Government

(Published by the Association of Indiana Counties)

The office of the County Clerk is an elected position and is to serve a four year term. The County Clerk’s office is responsible for : keep all the court records file, record and enter all orders from the civil, juvenile and criminal courts probate wills and testaments receive filings from individuals running for public office issue marriage licenses receive and pay out money collected from support payments administer “oath of office” to appointed officers control the registration of voters serve as secretary for the County Election Board issue Certificates of Election to successful candidates.

We accept personal (local) checks, cash, money order
and all major credit cards (fees will apply)
Passports : $25 fee to process (more information at
Marriage Licenses : $20 for Indiana Residents$18 for Military$60 when both out of state
Estate and Trust : $156
Paternity : $156
Petition for Judicial Review : $136
Adoption : $136 (Information at Indiana Adoption Laws)
Guardianship : $156 (Information at Indiana Guardianship)
Divorce : $136 (Indiana Divorce Information)
Seatbelt : $25
Small Claims : $76 and $10 for each additional defendant
Ordinance : $110
Criminal : $164
Juvenile : $164
Traffic : $120
Pre-Trial Diversion (Infraction) : $191.50
Pre-Trial Deferral (Misdemeanor) : $328
Civil : $136 and $10 for each additional defendant
Protective Orders : $136 for paper work (Posey County Judges do not accept online divorce papers) (Indiana Divorce Information)
license is good up to 60 days
Residency : One person must be a resident of Posey county and getting married in the State of Indiana. If both parties reside out of state and are geting married in Posey County then both applicants must apply together in person.
Identification : Drivers’s license, passport or birth certificate
Information Needed : The state you were bornThe state where your parents were bornMothers’ maiden name

Correct spelling of names

Your social security number

Parents residence (city, state, zip)

Previous Marriage : If previously married, the date of dissolution is required
Dependent Children : Full name and birth date