Traffic Department

To the traffic violators:

If you admit the violation, you may pay the fine by mail. If paying by mail, you must send a money order or cashiers check made payable to: Posey County clerk and mail it to the below address. We will not except a personal check. Payment must be received prior to your court date. If you do not Pay by your court date, you must appear in court or your license may be suspended.

Posey County Superior Court Clerk
126 E. 3rd St.,
PO Box 606
Mount Vernon, IN 46260

Conservation and Game Warden Tickets – $145.00

If you were cited for a misdemeanor violation you have to appear in court.

Trucking Violations – $210

Trucking violation fine amount varies. Please contact the clerks office at 812-838-8369

Infraction Deferral Program – $192.50

If you have had no other moving violations in the past two years, you may be eligible for the program. CDL licenses are not eligible for the program. Program forms will be mailed to you soon after you received the ticket. Please call Sara at the prosecutors office at 812-838-1337 option number one, if you should have any questions.

If you do not wish to go on the program and or are not eligible for the program you are to pay the following fine before your court date (all fines are to be mailed to the clerks office – address at the top of this page):


  • 1-15 mph over – $145
  • 16-20 mph over – $150
  • 21-25 mph over – $155
  • 26-30 mph over – $160
  • 31 mph over – $165

Seatbelt Violations – $25

Illegal Parking on Interstate – $150

$145 traffic violations

Call 812-838-8369 for fine amounts. These violations include:

  • Speed too fast to avoid collision
  • unreasonable speed
  • unsafe start
  • expired license
  • no Indiana drivers license
  • no license when required
  • learner permit violation
  • probationary restricted license violation
  • operating moped without ID
  • operating without financial responsibility
  • false/fictitious registration
  • expired plates
  • registration violation
  • failure to yield
  • following too close
  • left of center
  • wrong way on one-way road
  • improper/unsafe passing
  • passing in violation of signs/markets
  • parking in no parking zones
  • parking in fire lane
  • failure to avoid pedestrian
  • littering
  • unsafe vehicle
  • bumper violations
  • muffler violation
  • failure to use turn signal
  • failure to use headlights
  • improper headlights/taillights
  • failure to dim headlights
  • window tint violation
  • motorized bike without headgear
  • operating motorcycle without endorsement
  • operating ATVI roadway
  • disregarding stop sign
  • disregarding automatic signal
  • possession of paraphernalia
  • open container
  • permitting a violation
  • illegal blue light display
  • farm truck/trailer plate violation
  • No apportioned registration plate
  • hitchhiking,
  • illegal U-turn