Treasurer’s Office

SPRING Property Tax Deadline May 10, 2019. FALL Property Tax Deadline November 12, 2019.

Vicki J. Peerman, Posey County Treasurer

Posey County Treasurer’s Office
Memorial Coliseum
126 East Third Street, Room 211
Mt. Vernon, IN 47620
Telephone : (812) 838-1316

Fax : (812) 838-5466
Hours :
Monday – Friday 8:00am to 4:00pm

Your County Treasurer’s office has a staff of three full-time employees.

Vicki Jo Peerman, Treasurer
Louann Woodford, Chief Deputy
Sarah Oeth, Deputy

Their responsibilities include the collection of all real estate taxes, manufactured home taxes, personal property taxes and estate taxes. In addition, they record all monies received by all other county offices. Furthermore, the Treasurer is solely responsible for all County Investments and the County Banking.

About Your Treasurer

Vicki has worked for Posey County for ten years, she served as the Chief Deputy in the Treasurer’s Office prior to being caucused in on December 30, 2017. Vicki’s primary goal is to diligently serve the people of Posey County by continuously seeking new ways to implement improvements that will make the office even more accurate, more convenient, and more cost effective. You will always find exceptionally helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable staff to serve you in the County Treasurer’s office.



When are my real estate taxes due?

We mail tax bills in early April each year. The Spring Installment is due on Monday, May 10, 2018 and the Fall Installment is due on Monday, November, 13, 2018. You may pay both installments together in the spring if you choose.

How much are my real estate taxes?

You can determine the amount of your taxes by clicking on the Search and Pay link on the Treasurer’s website.

Where can I pay my real estate taxes?

We have OPTIONS for you! Online through the County Treasurer’s website, by mail or in person at the Treasurer’s office.

Have my taxes been paid?

You can find out by searching the online Search and Pay Tax link or by calling our office.

What if I pay my taxes after the due date?

If your payment is post-marked or paid after the due date, State Law mandates a penalty be assessed. The penalties are as follows: 5% penalty for the first 30 days after deadline 10% penalty anything 30 days after deadline.

Are credit cards accepted?

Yes! There is a convenience fee charged by PayPal for these services. For Credit Cards, the fee is $ 0.30 + 2.2% per transaction.

Can a receipt for real estate tax payments be sent to me by mail?

Yes. To get a receipt when making your tax payment by mail, enclose your entire bill and a self-addressed, stamped envelope with your payment.

What should I do if I didn’t receive a tax bill?

Click on Search and Pay Property Taxes tab on this website to find your property, then click on View and Print Tax Bill.

My real estate taxes are paid with my mortgage, but I received a tax bill. What should I do?

If you receive a tax bill in error, contact your mortgage company immediately to determine if they have collected the funds and intend to pay the bill.

Is there a real estate tax deduction for elderly or disabled people?

Yes. You can apply for this deduction with the County Auditor’s Office.

How can I change the mailing address for my real estate tax bill?

To change the mailing address of your tax bill you must notify us of the request. Click on the link to change address found on the County Treasurer’s web page.

What do I need to do to obtain a mobile home title transfer or moving permit?

Pursuant to IC 36-2-11-14.5, all taxes must be paid and current. The seller must provide a copy of the title to the manufactured home. A contract must specify whether the seller or buyer is responsible for payment of outstanding taxes and any subsequent taxes due. The buyer of the manufactured home must record the contract in the County Recorders office. Recording fees will be $25.00.

Where can I get an Innkeeper's Tax form and whom do I submit it to?


Effective July 1, 2018, House Enrolled Act 1056 required that the Indiana Department of Revenue create a standard form called the County Innkeeper's Tax Return (IC 6-9-29-3; IC-6-9-23-5). All businesses that collect County Innkeeper’s Tax are required to use the County Innkeeper's Tax Return to file with the County Treasurer's Office.

Beginning with payments made in July 2018, all County Innkeeper’s Taxes will need to be remitted using this new form. The form includes instructions for businesses to calculate the amount owed. The form along with any tax due is to be mailed or paid in person to the Posey County Treasurer 126 E.Third Street, Room 211, Mt. Vernon IN 47620.