Notice of Proposed New Rule or Amendment to Local Court Rules


Notice of Proposed New Rule or Amendment(s) to Local Court Rule(s)

In accordance with Trial Rule 81 of the Indiana Court Rules, the Posey Circuit and Superior Courts hereby give notice to the bar and the public that the Courts propose to amend the Local Rule(s) effective August 1, 2022. All new text is shown by underlining and deleted text is shown by strikethrough.

The time period for the bar and the public to comment shall begin on May 13, 2022, and shall close on June 13, 2022. The proposed amendments to the rule will be adopted, modified or rejected before June 27, 2022, and, if required, the final version of the rule will be submitted to the Indiana Supreme Court for review and approval not later than July 11, 2022.

Comments by the bar and the public should be made in writing and mailed, or emailed, to:

Travis Clowers, Judge of the Posey Superior Court, Attn: Public Comment on Local Rules, Posey County Superior Court, 126 East 3rd Street, Mt. Vernon, Indiana; or

A paper copy of the proposed amended local rule(s) will be made available for viewing in the office of the Clerk of Posey County, Posey County Superior Courthouse, 126 East 3rd Street, Mt. Vernon, Indiana during normal business hours. Persons with Internet access may view the proposed amended local rule for Caseload Allocation Plan at the following websites: or

Craig Goedde /s/ Travis Clowers /s/
Craig Goedde, Judge Travis Clowers, Judge
Posey Circuit Court Posey Superior Court

Local Rules April 18 2022(pdf)