Notice from the Posey County Area Plan Commission

At the July meeting of the Posey County Area Plan Commission (APC), a discussion was held about upcoming amendments to the zoning ordinance, which includes sections concerning wind and solar sites.  At the July meeting, a tentative date was discussed for the public hearing which will take place prior to any discussion and adoption of zoning amendments by the APC.   This Notice is issued to clarify that the August 28, 2019 date was a tentative date and was discussed to make sure APC members kept the date clear in the event that the ordinance was ready for public hearing by that date.  The amendments to the ordinance are still being drafted and there will be no public hearing on August 28, 2019.  Once the amendments are prepared and presented in draft to the APC, the public hearing will be set and the amendments will be published in the newspapers as required.  The Notice will include the date, time and place of the public hearing.  To stay informed, please watch the Legal Notice section of the Posey County News and the Mount Vernon Democrat, as well as, the Posey County website.

Mindy Bourne, Executive Director
Posey County Area Plan Commission