Update for week of 3-26-17

Well, it’s been an active month.  Our web site has been migrated and now I can start sharing information again.


WHIPPLE DITCH:  The issues on the lower end of Whipple ditch are going to require a long term solution.  The professionals with the Army Corps of Engineers were extremely helpful in helping me to formulate a plan to alleviate the flooding issues that plague the Whipple ditch area.  It will be a long term project but it will be a solution rather than the constant “band-aid” fixes that would otherwise be required.  This image shows what was originally my hope for the drain.  However, this would not address the real problem of keeping the waterway open.  So there is another plan in the works.


SECTION CORNER PERPETUATION:  I will soon be receiving proposals on starting up the section corner project.  I am really excited to get this project going.  It will generate a wealth of information that will be useful to businesses and private citizens alike.


I have more on my plate but I just wanted to give this short update to keep people appraised of the larger issues.


As always, feel free to contact me if there is anything I can help with.


Adam M. Bigge

Posey County Surveyor