Week of 2/5/2017

Well, I picked up a lot of good information on legislation that will affect the Surveyor’s office last week. There is even some legislation in the works that is supposed to supplement the Section Corner Perpetuation needs of this office.  All in all, excellent training.


I will be in the office on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday this week.  Wednesday, I will likely be heading out to investigate some issues that have been brought to my attention on Little Creek as well as Big Creek.  Thursday I will be at ANOTHER mandatory training seminar in West Lafayette, IN.  It will be focusing on Stormwater Drainage.  Friday I will be available via email and cell phone but I will not be in the office.


Please, keep the information coming.  It’s going to be a huge pile but I think, together, we can stay on top of it.


Adam M. Bigge

Posey County Surveyor