Posey County 2022 General Election Voting Options

Absentee Ballot by Mail: Absentee Applications are being accepted until October 27th by calling (812) 838-1339 or log into www.indianavoters.gov. To be eligible to vote by mail you must have a specific VALID reason that you cannot vote in person. Some of the reasons are: you are a voter with disabilities, caring for a confined individual over the 12 hours the polls are open, the voter is confined to their residence/health care facility/etc., going to be absent from the county for the 12 hours on Election Day, to name a few. For a complete list of approved reasons visit www.indianavoters.gov.

Ballots will be mailed out and are due back to the Election Office by 6:00 p.m. on Tuesday, November. 8th to be counted. Ballots can ONLY be returned by mail, in-person by the voter, their Power of Attorney, by someone in the voter’s household or a family member (as defined for poll worker eligibility purposes in IC 3-6-6-7(a)(4)).

Absentee Ballot by Travel Board: If a voter is confined and/or unable to mark their own ballot, then a bi-partisan Travel Board team can visit their residence or healthcare facility to assist with marking and preparing their ballot if necessary. Contact (812) 838-1339 to request an Application for Absentee Ballot by Traveling Board prior to the deadline of noon on Monday, Nov. 7th.

Early in-person voting: Beginning Wednesday, October 12th thru Friday, November 4th any registered voter can vote in person at the Courthouse M-F between 8am – 4pm, on Saturday, October 29th & November 5th between 9am – 4pm and November 7th 8am – 12pm. Also on Saturday, October 29th & November 5th you may vote either at the Marrs Township Fire Station, 5960 N. Ford Rd., Mt. Vernon or the Poseyville Community Center, 60 N. Church St., Poseyville between 9am – 4pm.

Election Day: Tues., November 8th from 6am – 6pm. Posey County is now a Vote Center County; therefore, registered voters may vote at ANY of the following 10 locations no matter where they reside within Posey County:

  1. Cynthiana Community Center, 10456 Mulkey Rd., Cynthiana
  2. Holy Angels Community Center, 423 South St., New Harmony
  3. Immanuel Church of Christ, 5812 Ford Rd., Mt. Vernon
  4. Knights of St. John, 11714 Winery Rd., Wadesville
  5. Mt. Vernon Community Church, 1800 W. 4th St., Mt. Vernon
  6. Mt. Vernon Baptist Church, 1717 N. Main St., Mt. Vernon
  7. Posey County Community Center, 111 Harmony Township Rd., NH
  8. Poseyville Community Center, 60 N. Church St., Poseyville
  9. St. Peter United Methodist Church, 2800 St. Philip Rd. S, Evansville
  10. Wadesville Fire Department, 4200 Princeton St., Wadesville

**The deadline to register to vote or change your address for the General Election is Tuesday, October 11th. You may call the Election Office for a Registration form or visit www.indianavoters.gov.


Public Hearing Solar Amendment Hearing Set For March 11, 2021

Download PDF for more information.


Mindy Bourne, Executive Director
Posey County Area Plan Commission

Area Planning Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals – March 11, 2021 Meeting Location Change

The March 11, 2021 Area Plan Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals meetings will be held at the Posey County Community Center, 111 Harmony Township Road, New Harmony.  The Board of Zoning Appeals meeting is at 5:00 p.m. and the Area Plan Commission meeting is at 6:00 p.m.

Mindy Bourne, Executive Director
Posey County Area Plan Commission

2020 Posey County General Election Results

The 2020 Posey County election took place on November 3. The results can be downloaded by clicking here.

Area Plan Commission will hold a public hearing on October 8

The Posey County Area Plan Commission will hold a public hearing on October 8, 2020 at 6:00 p.m. at the Hovey House, 330 Walnut St., Mt. Vernon, Indiana to receive public comments concerning the following proposed amendment to The Zoning Ordinance of the City of Mount Vernon, the Town of Cynthiana, Town of Poseyville and Unincorporated Posey County



Wind Solar Ordinance for Poseyville, Cynthiana, and City of Mt Vernon


Renewable Energy Generation Systems
Solar and Wind: Tier 1, 2, and 3 projects

Wind Solar Ordinance for Poseyville Cynthiana and City of Mt Vernon (PDF)